About us

Image is essential for a good presentation of projects, and kT info3D is a company specialized in architectural visualization and graphical representation. We add value to our customer’s ideas using 2D and 3D tools. We offer 3D modeling services and conceptual or realistic images depending on the requirements for each client and each project.

Our clients include: Àgora Arquitectura, Halvorsen & Reine Architecture Studio (Norway), Richard Ellis, Implanta Architecture, Vasionse, Manuel Ybargüengoitia, Pia de Pablos, AP-Productions, Ginjaume Architecture et Paysage (France), GAC3000, MANGO, Gloria de Palleja, Bim21, Silvia Solano, Manciñeiras/Parés, August de la quadra, etc.

We offer quality services with competitive prices and on-time delivery.


Carlos Torrico

Architect and
Visualization Artist
telf. (+34) 679 608 194


Sara Serrano

Web Designer